I am an award-winning business coach, with an expertise in removing the barriers that impede success. With over a decade of coaching experience under my belt, I will show you how to take proper command over your team, your cashflow, and yourself.



Join a select group of entrepreneurs I am proud to call my clients, each with an insatiable desire to be successful. Both young and old, they share one common trait - they are constantly learning and pushing the envelope. I help them navigate the steps they need to take in order to scale their business. Once they have the freedom to think, they'll start to reignite their passion and enthusiasm for business. You'll get the chance to feel what it feels like to set the world on fire and start to become the kind of entrepreneur others admire.


Re-ignite your enthusiasm for your business and

"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life." This is an ethos I coach by. That's why I am selective about who I coach. Entrepreneurs who are willing to face hard truths will relish their time with me. Typically, I will uncover whether you are sheepish about hiring and firing, if you secretly don't understand your financial metrics, or if you suffer from 'info-besity' (overwhelmed with the sheer amount of business growth material you've consumed).

For the select few clients I work with...


I understand your most pressing question is around time and money. 
So unlike other business coaches, I'll answer this straight away.



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Set up cashflow forecasts and other key lagging and leading financial indicators.

Cashflow & Key Metrics

Team Performance

Develop and retain A-grade employees, optimise productivity and efficiency - whilst also managing out those well passed their 'sell-by' date. 

Success Blockers

Learn what you need to stop doing, and work at eradicating self-limiting beliefs or patterns, and get ready to hear some hard, but much needed truths.

Sales Growth

Define your UVP (Unique 
Value Proposition), uncover 
unfair advantages, map out marketing strategy, and 
document sales processes.

Leadership Style

Set up 360 reviews, diagnose leadership styles and DISC personality profiles within 
your organisation.

Directed Learning

Get my curated recommendations on business growth materials, and lifetime access to my repository of content, complimentary for all clients and their teams.

My Client


John Vaughan


As a business owner, you don’t have someone to bounce ideas off, or to bleat to, or be vulnerable with. You’re IT! With Christine, you are held accountable.You have a confidante, a critic and a sounding board. She’s awesome!

John Ayoub


I approached Christine Beard because like any elite athlete I knew that in order to become the best, you need to be coached. After meeting with her, she was my choice of Business Coach as I gained a sense of passion in her to help.  She is very experienced.

Derek Macartney

Preacta Recruitment

She gave me the confronting picture and the realisation that everything wrong with the business was a reflection of my own shortcomings as a leader. With Christine as my Business Coach, I'm a much better leader, and a more rounded and developed person.


Let me help you to get to grips with the impact of the virus and the volatile economic environment that we are all facing just now. You know - when the going gets tough, the tough get going. So many of my clients are coming to sessions with a firm resolve to find ways to ride the wave. We are discussing how they can trade smarter. We are looking at ways for them to be able to take advantage of the current volatility and ways to ensure that they maximise the returns that they are getting from the business that they have today and will have on the other side of COVID-19.   


How to shore up your business when all around you are running for the hills..

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100 Harris St, Pyrmont, NSW 2009

It's been great in changing my thinking about running business and managing staff. It's also making myself accountable Receiving great content on subjects all businesses need to know.

Peter Poulos

Outstanding service and value. Professional and always given 110% for my business and my team members. Thank you Christine for everything that you have done! Highly recommend.

Jordan Ross

Christine has taken my professional and personal development to new heights I could not have envisioned before. Strongly recommend  for any SME business owner looking to develop their skills and their team's abilities to ultimately improve their business.

Angus Calvert

Sarah Scrumptious, 29


Why Go Getters Like You Love Christine

I've been coached by Christine for close to three years now.  She's been an integral part of our growth, and her guidance has been invaluable. She has helped me to become a better leader and now a business owner.  Christine's influence has changed our mindset and the language we use as a management team.  Would highly recommend.

Dean Mumford

Christine gives me just the medicine I need every fortnight. I was fortunate to engage Christine before I formally started my business, so we were able to build a great foundation and deal with opportunities and hurdles early. I use her online system to manage all of my clients, projects, deliverables, and track milestones towards my big goals. Highly recommended.

Lyndsey Douglas

It was well worth the  phone call to Christine, as the service and guidance that we have  received from her has got us on to the course that we wanted to be on, and need to be on, to flourish and become  a better business. Thank you Christine for your support on our journey so far.

Glenn Schmidtt

Over the past few weeks, news of the spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus disease, has dominated media channels. It’s in your news feed, it’s in your inbox, and everyone around you is likely talking about it. Click below to watch a short video that I have put together - 15 minutes that should help you see your way more clearly.

Even more newsworthy than the virus itself is what has happened in reaction to it. The stock market has fallen, entire countries are in lockdown, popular sports and arts events have been cancelled, and thousands of people are not in their offices but working from home. Panic over rising case numbers have triggered a rush on the supermarkets as we know.

Many of these behaviors are driven by one emotion: FEAR. Fear is a natural emotion that signals a potential threat to your physical or emotional safety. But fear, unchecked by facts, leads to negative behaviors like panic reactions and poor decision-making.

So how can we avoid making decisions based on fear? Or worse, how can we avoid perpetually living in a fearful state?

Every moment of every day, we say to ourselves - What am I going to focus on? What we choose to focus on affects our reality. Whatever we focus on, we feel – whether it's true or not.

So what are you focusing on? Are you unconsciously letting the media and the cultural landscape of fear and anxiety draw on your focus? Or are you, choosing to think about thinking healthily and resourcefully?

This doesn’t mean living in a bubble or ignoring the reality in which your business lives – it simply means making conscious decisions about what you are willing to give your time, energy and effort to.  In these times we need to remember to feed your mind's eye with some sense of what you can do. If we don't discipline our fears and control our focus, others will gladly do it for us

Click the video below

COVID-19 Punching through economic turbulence - 15 minute video from me