I am an award-winning business coach, with an expertise in removing the barriers that impede success. With over a decade of coaching experience under my belt, I will show you how to take proper command over your team, your leadership, your profits and cash flow, and yourself.



Join a select group of entrepreneurs I am proud to call my clients, each with an insatiable desire to be successful. Both young and old, they share one common trait - they are constantly learning and pushing the envelope. I help them navigate the steps they need to take in order to scale their business. Once they have the freedom to think, they'll start to reignite their passion and enthusiasm for business. You'll get the chance to feel what it feels like to set the world on fire and start to become the kind of entrepreneur others admire. With me you will make excellence your new normal. I won't just make building your business easier for you, I will ensure that it becomes your default setting.


Re-ignite your enthusiasm for your business and

"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life." This is an ethos I coach by. That's why I am selective about who I coach. Entrepreneurs who are willing to face hard truths will relish their time with me. Typically, I will uncover whether you are sheepish about hiring and firing, if you secretly don't understand your financial metrics, or if you suffer from 'info-besity' (overwhelmed with the sheer amount of business growth material you've consumed).

For the select few clients I work with...


I understand your most pressing question is around time and money. 
So unlike other business coaches, I'll answer this straight away.





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Set up dashboards, identify trends, debt management systems, cash flow forecasts, budgets for profits and other key lagging and leading financial indicators.

Cashflow & Key Metrics

Team Performance

Develop and retain A-grade employees, optimise productivity and efficiency - whilst also managing out those well past their 'sell-by' date. 

Success Blockers

Learn what you need to stop doing, and work at eradicating your self-limiting beliefs or patterns. Get ready to hear some hard, but much needed truths.

Sales Growth

Define your UVP (Unique 
Value Proposition), uncover your 
unfair advantages, map out a clear marketing strategy, and improve as well as document sales processes.

Leadership Style

Set up 360 reviews, diagnose leadership styles and DISC personality profiles within your business. Raise the management skill set of your key talent.

Directed Learning

Get my curated business growth materials, and lifetime access to my repository of content. Complimentary access (for clients and their team) to my jam packed, 100% pure teaching content SME Business Building online course.



Just to take the first step meeting with Christine, my coach was quite frightening. I wondered if I was going to be able to do it. I now realise that you are never too old to learn new things and that I everything that I learn and implement is a little piece of my business that is changed for the better. The benefit I'm getting from educating myself as a business owner is considerable. Each new step changes my perspective about everything.

You meander along with your business. It runs you and you don't really realise how much of a rut you have gotten into. But having been coached now for a few months I am so energized. I am able to take on so much more than I ever thought possible. I realise now that I can be more and more powerful with every step. I feel so much better than before I started coaching.

When I come up against a roadblock, its no longer a curve ball that sends me into a spin. These days there is so much information at my fingertips that I realise I will be able to solve it just as I have the previous ones since my coach came on board. Now that I have all these resources that Christine points me towards and makes available to me, I'm starting to believe that I can get to where I want to get to and that I can end up with a business that is not running me.

It's very exciting when you realise you have power and can make the changes that are needed. I'm also loving the impact that coaching is having on my team. It feels so great to be able to help my team members help themselves and get them to fix their own problems. I no longer think that you have to be super smart to be successful. I realise that to be the most successful we just need to do what we need to do and do it consistently.

With the fresh set of eyes that my coach brings to my business, I can see that there is so much good in my business. Not only that but the culture is no longer poisonous. All the people who work here now work so well as a team and indeed they are keen to take on more and more responsibility. I just needed to get out of their way in order to enable them to have the chance to step up and show me how keen and enthusiastic they are to help.

I recommend Christine Beard and her coaching to anyone. You will be very glad that you took the first step and agreed to meet her to see what she has to say.

Karl Alfaro

Top Dollar Metal Recyclers

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