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Join a select group of entrepreneurs I am proud to call my clients, each with an insatiable desire to be successful. Both young and old, they share one common trait - they are constantly learning and pushing the envelope. I help them navigate the steps they need to take in order to scale their business. Once they have the freedom to think, they'll start to reignite their passion and enthusiasm for business. You'll get the chance to feel what it feels like to set the world on fire and start to become the kind of entrepreneur others admire.


Re-ignite your enthusiasm for your business and

"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life."  This is an ethos I coach by. That's why I am selective about who I coach. Entrepreneurs who are willing to face hard truths will relish their time with me. Typically, I will uncover what you are sheepish about so that you can get to grips with it. Perhaps its tolerating low performers for too long, or maybe you secretly don't understand your financial metrics, or you suffer from 'info-besity' (overwhelmed with the sheer amount of business growth material you've consumed).

For the select few clients I work with...



I understand your most pressing question is around time and money. 
So unlike other business coaches, I'll answer this straight away.

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Resolve to find ways to lead smarter. Embrace better or may be new ways of running your team and develop effective habits that will make you feel empowered and energised. 

Chances are you already know what you need to do to improve your effectiveness. Let's draw this out AND then let's make the changes stick.   

When appropriate, let's involve key members of your team so that they are learning and changing too.


Be the best leader and manager that you can be with an experienced coach

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She is a great business coach. She has helped me to reshape my business, converting my vision to a business plan, focusing on building up an A Team and restructuring the business to maximise the profit and the cashflow. Sessions with Christine have become my compass which keeps me focused on my north direction towards my goals.

Charbel Hawi

She has made an incredibly strong impact on me and my team. She has mentored and guided me to develop as a leader. She has taught me to view and resolve problems through different perspectives. As a result, I have an extremely motivated and self sufficient team that hits our KPIs and more! I feel very lucky to have Christine as a mentor and highly recommend her as a Business Coach.

Kasia Dybalski

Christine asks all the right questions. She gets you thinking about what more you could be doing to increase business opportunities. A great coach with a straight forward, no holds barred approach that gets results.

Leon Chay

Leadership change is simple but unless you know what to do and how to do it, the path may not be obvious. As your coach I can help you prioritize and develop tailored for you, realistic action plans for improving your personal management skills and leadership growth.

In private 1on1 sessions via Zoom (or in person at my office in Pyrmont), I'll help you have the discipline, the courage and the humility to address the issues that are in your way. You'll see what you need to stop doing (as most often this is what is needed) as well as what you need to start doing and/or get better at.


When you work with a coach like me, the chances are you will be on one of 3 routes as represented above. 

Route 1: No Plan At All  – you have no plan in place and you end the session, brim full of ‘good ideas’ that are the equivalent of spending a nice day at the beach. You will be sailing around in your dinghy getting somewhere (maybe) but you also could be going nowhere. Unless some clear actions are agreed on, you will leave the session with a warm and fuzzy feeling and it’s a feeling that will fade soon.  Its a hit and miss space that is unlikely to feel good. It might lead quite easily to a sense of despair or as a minimum to a feeling of being unfulfilled and empty.  It will be like you are photocopying your current mediocre day/week and playing the same day/week over and over.

Route 2: Just Getting Stuff Done – you have a plan agreed with your coach based off what you said you wanted to achieve, but your general preparedness to execute and do what it takes, lacks something. As a result, you arrive somewhere that you like. It is somewhere that was better than where you were at the start, with some things complete. However, there is room for improvement and deep down you know that this is so.  This is the normal space for many people but it is also a bit ‘ordinary’. Most people in this space know that there was more in the tank and that they could have knocked it out of the park if they had put in more effort and went about their tasks with some more focus and attention.

Route 3: Inspired Action That Applies The Coaching – you have a plan agreed with your coach based off what you said you wanted to achieve, AND your general preparedness to execute and do what it takes, is full on. As a result, you reach your destination. You achieve what you said you would and you arrive where you said you would arrive.  It feels awesome to have that moment of ‘glory’. You can pause and enjoy feeling like a success – because you are, and you were. And your coach will know it too so that together you can recognise it and thus you will be spurred on to go again and take the next steps. 

As your coach, I will provide some ‘uplift to your hang glider’ - via reminders from your coaching dashboard and generally being there for you.  I will be letting you know that I know what you are (or are not) doing. I will care that you keep your promises to yourself because doing what you said you would do by the date you said… matters.

Which route you take, is for you to choose. Your actions area in your coaching dashboard can be a place of: 


-A meaningful list of doable items with ample time for completion
-A rich record of past completions done in a timely way and with consistency 


-A mounting pile of overdue incompletions
-A sparse record of things done late and/or cancelled. 

In conclusion, let me say this.

Even brilliant coaching is worthless, until acted upon. Unacted upon coaching is a tragic waste. 

Doing what you say you are going to do by when you said that you would do it, matters.  Decide to be unstoppable as you build your sense of self trust. Your sense of self trust builds as you develop a pattern of making and executing on your action plans.  Get honest with yourself about your level of integrity and ownership.  

Your coach is but half of the process.

Here is a visual representation of the coaching process.

Check Out What One Of My Clients Wrote About His First Session With Me 

Let's Talk

Outstanding service and value. Professional and always given 110% for my business and my team members. Thank you Christine for everything that you have done! Highly recommend.

Jordan Ross

 Why Go Getters Like You Love Christine

It was well worth the  phone call to Christine, as the service and guidance that we have  received from her has got us on to the course that we wanted to be on, and need to be on, to flourish and become  a better business. Thank you Christine for your support on our journey so far.

Glenn Schmidtt

It's been great in changing my thinking about running business and managing staff. It's also making myself accountable Receiving great content on subjects all businesses need to know.

Peter Poulos

Christine has taken my professional and personal development to new heights I could not have envisioned before. Strongly recommend  for any SME business owner looking to develop their skills and their team's abilities to ultimately improve their business.

Angus Calvert

I've been coached by Christine for close to three years now.  She's been an integral part of our growth, and her guidance has been invaluable. She has helped me to become a better leader and now a business owner.  Christine's influence has changed our mindset and the language we use as a management team.  Would highly recommend.

Dean Mumford

Christine gives me just the medicine I need every fortnight. I was fortunate to engage Christine before I formally started my business, so we were able to build a great foundation and deal with opportunities and hurdles early. I use her online system to manage all of my clients, projects, deliverables, and track milestones towards my big goals. Highly recommended.

Lyndsey Douglas

A fantastic asset to any organisation. A coach who genuinely cares about her clients, their success and will go above and beyond when needed. For the past 3 years, through Christine's training, candour and guidance, we (me and my leadership team) have been able to navigate our organisation through its growth.

Lee Thompson

Like many business owners, I was obviously struggling. Stressed, time poor, focus and priority issues. Christine has helped me with so many aspects of my business education. Thanks for switching the light on. Heaven knows where I'd be today without it. I can't recommend highly enough.

Karl Alfaro

Christine has been coaching both me and other members of my team for over 3 years. During this time Christine has given me clarity around the decisions I’ve had to make, keeping me accountable with her no-nonsense approach and follow up. Her systemized approach is simple to understand and can be applied to any business at any level.

Grant Irvine

Christine was my business coach for over 2 years and she was brilliant. She challenged and pushed me and through her coaching, we achieved some amazing results. Highly recommend! Thanks Christine.

David Smith

Her straight-shooting approach challenges me to 'think for myself' so I am truly accountable for all decisions I make in my business - now a profitable enterprise. She has made me more aware of the importance of business fundamentals, and suggests new resources so I never stop learning.

Rachael Flynn

Christine is amazing. Her knowledge is deep, her guidance is strong and supportive and she will have you working towards your goals of a better business before you even realize it is happening. I highly recommend working with Christine - a wonderful investment.

Meredith Hatton

She gave me the confronting picture and the realisation that everything wrong with the business was a reflection of my own shortcomings as a leader. With Christine as my Business Coach, I'm a much better leader, and a more rounded and developed person.

Derek McCartney

I approached Christine Beard because like any elite athlete I knew that in order to become the best, you need to be coached. After meeting with her, she was my choice of Business Coach as I gained a sense of passion in her to help.  She is very experienced.

John Ayoub

As a business owner, you don’t have someone to bounce ideas off, or to bleat to, or be vulnerable with. You’re IT! With Christine, you are held accountable.You have a confidante, a critic and a sounding board. She’s awesome!

John Vaughan

Set up dashboards, identify trends, debt management systems, cash flow forecasts, budgets for profits and other key lagging and leading financial indicators.

Cashflow & Key Metrics

Team Performance

Develop and retain A-grade employees, optimise productivity and efficiency - whilst also managing out those well past their 'sell-by' date. 

Success Blockers

Learn what you need to stop doing, and work at eradicating your self-limiting beliefs or patterns. Get ready to hear some hard, but much needed truths.

Sales Growth

Define your UVP (Unique 
Value Proposition), uncover your 
unfair advantages, map out a clear marketing strategy, and improve as well as document sales processes.

Leadership Style

Set up 360 reviews, diagnose leadership styles and DISC personality profiles within your business. Raise the management skill set of your key talent.

Directed Learning

Get my curated business growth materials, and access to my repository of content. Complimentary access for clients and their team. 

LET'S TALK - Christine will explain all this.

I am asked to help when the leadership team feels like the wider team is stuck in a rut and there is a need for fresh ideas and an outsiders perspective particularly around developing ownership and accountability in the team. 

I provide management up skilling and leadership coaching to teams and managers as well as to senior executives.  I offer one on one coaching (90 minute sessions at my office in Pyrmont or online via Zoom) on a variety of topics pertinent to succeeding, to growing the business and developing its overall value as a business so that there is a boost in its attractiveness to potential prospective purchasers.

I am typically hired by business owners but in the right circumstances I work with their key individuals as clients too.   

My clients experience tremendous success and they rave about my work because my approach is very different from what you normally find. 

I use a very simple approach and framework that makes progress visible and clear. I speak in blunt and plain language which does not suit everyone.

I have been the number one coach in Australia and #2 in the world. I have taken pains to perfect my knowledge of leadership and management practices as well as a variety of business growth concepts. I help with all manner of topics from sales and marketing, to delivery, to time management, to running meetings, to business planning, to cash flows and on and on.

I am a business and executive coach by choice after leaving a lucrative corporate career. 

Today helping business owners and leadership teams become better is my passion.  And I believe I can more effectively create a lift in performance from outside a business then as an employee.

With me you will get the truth about your people and your business model.  Once I discover that team members are not going to succeed, I won't allow you to pay me to coach them.  I will also look you in the eye (whether you be the CEO or the owner) and plainly tell you what you need to stop doing if it is hampering the ability of the business to progress. 

Coaching accelerates the inevitable and so when issues emerge, I ensure that they are addressed. What I do is personal.  When you engage me, I behave as though my livelihood depends on your success – and I find behaving this way to be easy because its true.

I am a business coach and an executive coach. I specialise in working with businesses with typically 20 to 70 employees. I work with Business Owners, General Managers, CEOs and the members of senior leadership teams who are looking to grow and build their business. I do this by upscaling and upskilling the senior managers around strategies to grow the business and improve the financial results. 

Businesses bring me in when they are looking to create a team of proficient managers and take their new business growth to new levels.


Often the culture of the business is not working the way it's supposed to and the sales results are not what they should be.  

Perhaps the company is not acquiring new business at the desired rate, and so I am brought in to help. Perhaps the existing customers are somewhat satisfied with the customer service that they are receiving but the business knows that it could be better.  

I am asked to help if the company wishes to have more visibility about its sales activity and/or it needs to boost its delivery performance.

Do not call me for basic start up business advice because that is not my forte. 

There are better choices if you are looking to improve your start up skills - although I do have a colleague that I can refer you to you. He specialises in working with smaller businesses who maybe have no employees yet or just one or two. 

You would really only want me if you are serious about investing in the next chapter of your business and are ready to promote senior individuals. I work with you on your team and their levels of performance so that the business can grow. 

I roll up my sleeves and get to grips with working with your team and learning about your business.  I do not bring you or your people to my classroom (online though it may be) and subject them to pre prepared canned training content. 

Do not be surprised to find me jumping in to observe what's happening with your processes and wanting to find out what is going on in the field. I don't talk about theory but I provide curated resources and learning materials (videos and audio content) that I have spent thousands of hours and years perfecting.