NO BULLSHIT APPROACH to helping business owners and senior managers become better at what they do.

In these difficult economic times, you'll want to trust someone with lots of experience. Even SMEs that are doing well are looking for ways to boost the productivity their team and that means finding the right mentor to 10x your leadership and managerial skills. 


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Join a select group of entrepreneurs I am proud to call my clients, each with an insatiable desire to be successful. Both young and old, they share one common trait - they are constantly learning and pushing the envelope. I help them navigate the steps they need to take in order to scale their business. Once they have the freedom to think, they'll start to reignite their passion and enthusiasm for business. You'll get the chance to feel what it feels like to set the world on fire and start to become the kind of entrepreneur others admire.


Re-ignite your enthusiasm for your business and

"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life." This is an ethos I coach by. That's why I am selective about who I coach. Entrepreneurs who are willing to face hard truths will relish their time with me. Typically, I will uncover whether you are sheepish about hiring and firing, if you secretly don't understand your financial metrics, or if you suffer from 'info-besity' (overwhelmed with the sheer amount of business growth material you've consumed).

For the select few clients I work with...



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Set up cashflow forecasts and other key lagging and leading financial indicators.

Cashflow & Key Metrics

Team Performance

Develop and retain A-grade employees, optimise productivity and efficiency - whilst also managing out those well past their 'sell-by' date. 

Success Blockers

Learn what you need to stop doing, and work at eradicating self-limiting beliefs or patterns, and get ready to hear some hard, but much needed truths.

Sales Growth

Define your UVP (Unique 
Value Proposition), uncover 
unfair advantages, map out marketing strategy, and 
document sales processes.

Leadership Style

Set up 360 reviews, diagnose leadership styles and DISC personality profiles within 
your organisation.

Directed Learning

Get my curated recommendations on business growth materials, and lifetime access to my repository of content, complimentary for all clients and their teams.

My Client


John Vaughan


As a business owner, you don’t have someone to bounce ideas off, or to bleat to, or be vulnerable with. You’re IT! With Christine, you are held accountable.You have a confidante, a critic and a sounding board. She’s awesome!

Peter Poulos

Poulos Bros Seafoods

It's been great in changing my thinking about running my business and managing the staff.  

Lee Thompson

Assembly Label

A fantastic asset to any organisation. A coach who genuinely cares about her clients, their success and will go above and beyond when needed.


She understands that your most pressing question is around time and money. 
So unlike most other executive and business coaches, she'll answer this straight away.

There is a reason Business Owners find it so easy to work with Christine Beard. 

Discover for yourself.

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Christine Beard talks about business coaching

Christine says "Do not call me for basic start up business advice because that is not my forte. 

There are better choices if you are looking to improve your start up skills - although I do have a colleague that I can refer you to. He specialises in working with smaller businesses who maybe have no employees yet or just one or two. 

You would really only want me if you are serious about investing in the next chapter of your business and are ready to promote senior individuals. I'll work with you on your team and their levels of performance so that the business can grow." 

"I'll roll up my sleeves and get to grips with working with your team and learning about your business.  I do not bring you or your people to sessions and subject them to pre-prepared, canned training content. 

I provide curated resources and learning materials (videos and audio content) that I have spent thousands of hours and years perfecting." 

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Senior leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners, just like you, turn to Christine Beard to be mentored and coached. Here's why.

"I am a lawyer by training. I suffered corporate burn out... big time in 2005. I had been trying to be superwoman as a top lawyer, senior partner in my practice as well as a wife and mother.  Check out my bio tab. 

These days as a coach (business and executive), I am passionate about helping business owners, senior managers and executives avoid some of the pitfalls that I fell into. In particular, back then, I struggled with managing people. These days however, helping with this aspect of business life is absolutely my sweet spot..." says Christine.

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Coaching is not just for sports people...

Take a peak behind the curtain. Here's a quick tour of how Christine's coaching portal works to serve her coaching process. Know and understand what you would get from working with her. 

See how the work she does is so much more than conversations.

Christine explains why she uses online systems to support her coaching work.