I have been where you are now - most likely. Check out my bio.  I have been coaching for more than a decade at the top of my game.  If you are looking for a plain speaking, no nonsense, 'tell it like it is' type of coach, then I'm for you.

Christine Beard Business and Executive Coach


They’re frustrated that sales reps are not effectively articulating value and getting treated like nothing more than vendors and commodity sellers having to compete on price

They’ve had it with team members living in reactive mode, waiting for management to solve the issues, and paying only lip service to a change so that the business is missing out on opportunities

They feel stuck and could use some outside perspective and fresh ideas to
drive the team and business forward and create a winning growth focused culture

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Business Owners and managers turn to Business Coach, Christine Beard when...

They’re tired of inconsistent quality, the level of customer complaints and rework issues and the inability to find a better solution that sticks

They're burned out and ready to give up on employing more people as they have come to realize that it’s a waste of their time and effort

Their sales results aren’t what they should be or the sales team isn’t firing on all cylinders

They're searching for an integrated solution combining delivery of improved results, heightening the accountability of the employees and the execution of appropriate business growth strategies

They have no peace of mind because they lack the appropriate resources, knowledge and experience to pivot and handle a crisis or a down turn in sales and profits

They need improved skills to handle meetings, develop better dashboards and visuals for their KPI trends

They are facing worrying financial exposure and growing fears that the competition is getting a bigger and bigger share of the market

They are continually embarrassed by the less than flattering perception their managers and leaders project to their employees

They’ve had it with poorly engaged teams whose members are constantly turning over and who fail to show any sense of resourcefulness

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They are seeking a competitive advantage so that they are able to out perform the competition and capture more and more of the available market share

They are frustrated that their current system for managing their teams is not doing what they feel it should be doing

They feel challenged to improve their business planning, need to pivot their business and boost their strategic focus

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Coaching is not just for sports people...

People turn to Christine Beard when ...